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0.7 Carat EGL USA D SI2 Marquise Very Good Diamond Solitaire Ring

0.7 Carat EGL USA D SI2 Marquise Very Good Diamond Solitaire Ring
Diamond Specifications:
Item Id: 909885102d
Shape: Marquise
Carat Weight: 0.70
Color: D
Clarity: SI2
Certified By: EGL USA

Measurements: 8.93 x 4.85 x 2.95mm
Depth: 60.8
Table: 56
Polish: VG
Symmetry: VG
Culet: N
Girdle: tn-m
Fluorescence: N

This diamond is available at a RAP Discount of
This certified diamond will be shipped set in your choice of yellow gold or white gold traditional solitaire settings. Platinum is available for an upgraded price. Or, you can click here and pick from our many exquisite styles of engagement ring. Simply order the setting only option and order it with this certified diamond.
Magnified 13X
Cut: Very Good
These diamonds represent approximately 15% of all diamonds based on cut factor. An excellent investment for those seeking a diamond that reflects nearly as much light as an ideal cut stone, but for a lower price. These diamonds have a very close, mathematically determined proportions to their ideal cut counterparts and will have the same fire and brilliance to the naked eye.

Color: D
This diamond has the highest color rating achievable. Because of such a high color rating, this diamond will appear completely clear and white. "D" color diamonds are at the very top of the "Colorless" range and are prized for their rarity.

Clarity: SI2
SI diamonds (which stands for "Slightly Included") have inclusions that can be seen fairly easily under 10x magnification. SI diamonds are the trickiest to purchase, since some SI diamonds are completely clean to the naked eye and others are not. Generally speaking, however, most SI diamonds will not contain any inclusions that can be located without using magnification.
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Model: 909885102d
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