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Antique Engagement Rings

The beauty of engagement rings is centered on their very meaning – these rings symbolize love, fidelity and commitment.
Antique engagement rings, however, are something else. These rings evoke the beauty of the past, inspired by many vintage themes that range from Art Deco to Art Noveau to Classic Retro. Many of these antique engagement rings feature elaborate designs once preferred by couples several decades or centuries past. The sheer attraction of these antique-inspired engagement rings is also focused on their unique charm, having enchanted royalties and couples of fine distinction in the past. Usually made from gold, white gold or platinum and embellished with precious stones like diamonds, these rings are representative of eternal and enduring love. With antique engagement rings, each beautifully-crafted ring tells a story.
For many couples, finding the perfect antique engagement ring can be a matter of luck. Most of these vintage rings are sold in antique jewelry shops or specialty jewelry boutiques. With a number of these rings considered to be priceless collectors’ items, moreover, finding a reasonably-priced antique engagement ring can be a challenge.
For antique inspired engagement rings designed for the stylish, contemporary woman, Sun Jewelry offers a wealth of stunning, exquisite choices.
Here at Sun Jewelry, our antique inspired engagement rings are designed to give you that beautiful, vintage style, at the most competitive prices. We offer antique engagement rings in a variety of styles, themes and motifs, for that flawless, classic appeal. From the simpler 1-carat diamond and white gold engagement rings to the more elaborate 3-carat diamond and platinum rings, our selections are carefully designed and crafted to match the classic, timeless charm of its wearer.
Such is the unique charm of antique engagement rings that they have also become a popular choice for many celebrities in Hollywood. From Carrie Underwood, who was spotted wearing a yellow diamond ring surrounded by paved diamonds, to Katie Holmes, who was once presented by husband Tom Cruise by a 5-carat Edwardian solitaire diamond, vintage engagement rings will always be a popular choice for many – both ordinary clients and luminaries alike.
Make your love story tell an even deeper story. Choose antique engagement rings that symbolize timeless beauty and enduring, everlasting love.

Antique Engagement Rings

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