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The pear-shaped diamond is an unusual shape in that it is somewhat asymmetrical. It is rounded on one end and pointed on the other. This shape usually contains 56- 58 facets. You can select this diamond for the bride that likes unusual shapes.
CaratColorClarityCertDepthTablePolishSymmetryMeasurementsRAP DiscountPrice
2.33FSI1GIA65.461VGG11.08 x 7.33 x 4.79mm-24.00%$20,187.12Details
1.17FSI2EGLUSA62.755VGG8.97 x 5.82 x 3.65mm-49.33%$3,082.56Details
1.17IVS2EGLUSA41.362VGG10 x 6.98 x 2.88mm-52.57%$2,608.32Details
1.01GSI2GIA58.464GG7.9 x 6.1 x 3.56mm-35.40%$3,262.30Details
1.01IVS2GIA69.355VGG8.71 x 5.12 x 3.55mm-30.33%$3,307.08Details
0.90DSI1EGLUSA00007.61 x 5.12 x 3.75mm-45.07%$2,718.90Details
0.85DSI1GIA64.554GG7.59 x 5.49 x 3.54mm-35.19%$2,368.67Details
0.80EVS2EGLNY6856GG7.4 x 5.15 x 3.5mm-28.22%$2,584.00Details
0.73DSI1EGLLA00007.46 x 5.08 x 3.12mm-27.83%$2,249.92Details
2.01FIFGIA58.455VGVG11 x 7.08 x 4.14mm-50.67%$19,732.84Details
1.00ESI2EGLUSA59.857GG9.71 x 5.22 x 3.12mm-46.80%$2,872.80Details
1.02IVVS2GIA67.652VGG9.06 x 5.17 x 3.49mm-62.00%$1,938.00Details

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