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Emerald cut diamonds are a very classic cutting style . They are the most difficult shape for a cutter to cut. It generally takes a diamond cutter approximately 12-14 hours to cut an emerald shaped diamond. The emerald cut diamond is rectangular in shape, step cut with diagonally cut corners. Generally the bride that chooses the emerald cut diamonds prefers a more simplistic looking ring and doesn’t care for a  flashy look.

CaratColorClarityCertDepthTablePolishSymmetryMeasurementsRAP DiscountPrice
1.60HVS1EGL Israel63.165VGVG7.13 x 6.43 x 4.06mm-40.87%$6,906.88Details
1.50GVVS1GIA70.965EXG6.86 x 5.63 x 3.99mm-31.52%$10,374.00Details
1.14GVS1GIA67.367GF7.19 x 5.11 x 3.44mm-30.33%$5,321.14Details
1.07DSI1EGLUSA73.161VGG6.01 x 5.24 x 3.83mm-43.00%$3,964.35Details
1.07HVS1EGL USA70.666VGEX6.94 x 4.9 x 3.46mm-36.67%$3,794.93Details
1.04HVS1EGL USA71.567EXVG6.69 x 4.85 x 3.47mm-36.67%$3,688.53Details
1.03ESI1EGLUSA6574GG6.09 x 5.49 x 3.57mm-45.71%$3,522.60Details
1.03HVS1EGL USA72.366EXVG6.64 x 4.77 x 3.45mm-36.67%$3,653.07Details
1.01EVS1GIA73.164GG6.9 x 4.64 x 3.39mm-28.39%$5,424.37Details
0.91GVS2EGL USA71.873GVG6.8 x 4.47 x 3.21mm-36.67%$2,939.30Details
0.90IVS1EGL USA7366VGVG6.05 x 4.71 x 3.44mm-36.67%$2,394.00Details
0.76IVS1EGLUSA67.172GVG6.72 x 4.32 x 2.9mm-19.20%$1,780.93Details
1.27ESI2GIA7365VGVG7.04 x 5.06 x 3.69mm-43.00%$3,909.06Details
0.59EVS1EGLUSA65.573GVG6 x 4.06 x 2.99mm-43.00%$1,042.53Details
1.56ESI1GIA70.570EXVG8.16 x 5.28 x 3.72mm-43.00%$7,736.04Details
2.83GSI1GIA7066EXVG9.54 x 6.79 x 4.75mm-26.53%$21,830.62Details

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