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Wedding Rings

The wedding ring commemorates more than the day of your wedding. These rings symbolize a lifetime of partnership, love and commitment. Designed to be worn for the rest of your committed life, the wedding ring that you choose for you and your spouse should be beautiful, stylish and built to last.
Here at Sun Jewelry, we offer fine jewelry, diamond engagement rings and wedding rings designed to meet the most discriminating tastes.
Through the years, wedding rings have undergone an evolution in terms of design, style and use of materials. Gone are the days when couples are limited only to simple gold wedding bands engraved with each other’s initials. The materials used to create wedding rings have become more widely varied today than ever before. Now you may choose from yellow gold to white gold to platinum and palladium rings. Band styles include rounded-edge, high-dome and flat designs.
Sun Jewelry brings to market some of the finest wedding rings available today, crafted to reflect distinctive styles and exquisite workmanship. Our in-house artisans and designers work together to produce the most flawless jewelry pieces. As a result, we are able to come up with wedding rings that evoke classic styles with contemporary lines. You may choose from traditional wedding bands to diamond wedding rings that are a perfect complement to diamond engagement rings. There are antique-inspired wedding rings available as well. These vintage-styled rings feature hand-etched designs, two-tone combinations and a highly detailed construction that is sure to command a lasting impression.
And if you would prefer a personalized wedding band, the possibilities are virtually endless. From sleek and modern rings that feature Roman numeral cutouts to classic high-dome rings embedded with diamonds and engraved with names, our personalized rings are a step higher than the conventional. After all, each “happily-ever-after” story is unique, and we want our wedding rings to be able to tell your story – with just a simple glance.
Let Sun Jewelry be your guide in choosing only the perfect wedding rings for your most special day. We have wedding rings that fit every budget and design preference. With our stunning collections and custom-design solutions, you simply can’t go wrong. Browse through our existing collections or send us a message for all of your customized requests.

Wedding Rings

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