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Learn About Comparative Value

Comparing and selecting the very best diamond value requires a complete understanding of the elements of diamond quality as well as a complete knowledge of what diamond quality combinations are the best at providing the the most visual appeal in terms of size, beauty and brilliance at the lowest price. Below is a listing of the recommended diamond qualities that provide the very best diamond values.

Optimum Quality Ranges For The Very Best Diamond Values:

Very Quality Conscious Buyers:

  • Cut:  Ideal to Near Ideal (AGS cut grade 0 to 2)
  • Color: E, F
  • Clarity: VS1, VS2
  • Carat Weight: Largest Available At Best Price (Must Meet Cut, Color, Clarity Requirements)

Quality Conscious Buyers:

  • Cut: Near Ideal (AGS cut grade 1 to 2)
  • Color: F, G
  • Clarity: VS2, SI1
  • Carat Weight: Largest Available At Best Price (Must Meet Cut, Color, Clarity Requirements)

Selecting a diamond that is slightly higher than the recommended range of quality above is acceptable, however the size of the diamond will be slightly smaller. Selecting a diamond that is slightly lower in quality than the recommended range is also acceptable. These diamonds will offer larger size but a small degree of beauty will be sacrificed.

Diamonds below the GIA color grade I and the GIA clarity grade SI2 are not recommended.

The Very Best Diamond Value offers the the best of the best by delivering a diamond with the greatest visual appeal based on size, beauty and brilliance.  Finding the very best diamond value requires more than simply finding the lowest price on a diamond of a specific quality. For example, the best diamond value could be finding the lowest price on a certified flawless, colorless diamond with ideal cut, or it could be finding the lowest price on the largest diamond available with L color, average cut and imperfect 3 clarity grade. Both could be considered the best diamond values in terms of providing the buyer the lowest price in a specific quality. When compared to a quality that provides better value in terms of more diamond beauty & brilliance exhibited to the eye, such as a E color, near ideal cut and VS2 clarity, the D flawless ideal cut would look significantly smaller with little or no apparent difference in beauty to the eye, and the L color imperfect 3 would appear larger in size but display little beauty or brilliance because of deficiencies in quality.

A common mistake made by knowledgeable diamond buyers is to select a diamond that has a very high clarity grade and a slightly lower color. An example would be selecting a 1.00 carat diamond VVS2 clarity grade, very fine cut and H color over a diamond that is 1.00 carat with VS2 clarity, very fine cut and D color. These two diamonds could be purchased for the same price. They are the best diamond values available in their specified qualities, and both diamonds can be purchased for very close to the same price. If you view these two diamonds side by side, it is quite evident that the diamond of higher color of D is obviously brighter and more beautiful.

The very best diamond value considers the elements of quality in this order of greatest importance. Elements of quality that  most effect the beauty of a diamond under normal wearing conditions are given higher priority than those that can only be seen under high magnification.

  1. Cut
  2. Color
  3. Clarity
  4. Carat Weight

Learn About Comparative Value

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