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Testimonials 2010

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Due to the overwhelming testimonials we receive per month, we are not able to put them all on this page. However, we pick one testimonial per month from a past customer who wants to be in this section. If you wish to contact them, please be considerate as they were kind enough to share their experiences with you.

Customer review from December

Excellent all the way!
This ring is amazing and 100x better in person! I needed it for Christmas and ordered it late due to being busy at work. However, they were able to deliver the ring to me in time so that I could present it to my now fiancee. Her family was present (they also knew of my intentions) and I proposed to her on Christmas Day. Needless to say the embarassment that would have come if the ring was not delivered in time. Thank you Sun Jewelry for making a momentous occassion a reality.

  1.52 Carat Miklan Diamond 18Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from November

Jason P
We received my wifes ring a couple days ago and are both blown away by the quality and price of the ring. My wife looked for many months for the perfect ring and stumbled upon Sun Jewelry. The amount of designs they offer is overwhelming at first, but we carefully looked at each design for a long time.

My wife fell in love with this ring. She loved the intricate details but still wanted a three stone look so this ring fit her to a T. When the ring arrived, we could not believe how beautiful it really is in real life. All the diamonds were really sparkly and really takes your breath away. I love catching her all the time looking at her finger admiring her new ring.. that is really priceless.

  2.27 Carat Grace Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from October

Carly R.
My husband got this ring for me as a wedding ring - after I told him itís the ONLY one I was interested in. I do not like the "claw" settings where the center diamond sits so much higher than the rest of the band, and this ring is perfect in offering a good size center stone that is flush with the band with lots of pretty diamond accents. The baguettes on either side really set off the beauty of the center stone.

We exchanged the diamonds that are channel set along the top and bottom of the ring for amethysts (that is his birthstone) and the purple glow is gorgeous. It would also be just as stunning if the diamonds were left in place.

This ring looks like it would be rather bulky on the finger but it isnít. You can feel the weight of it when you hold it in your hand but slips on the finger perfectly and is not intrusive. It is slightly tapered in the back to make it easier to bend your finger which I think is very thoughtful since this ring is so wide and doesnít come comfort fit.

We went with the ring "as is" as far as all of the pre-set quality of the diamonds that they feature this ring with. All of the diamonds are as sparkly as they could be, and you canít tell that we went with the "fine" cut as opposed to the "very fine" choice for the center stone or any of the side stones. This is DEFINITELY a ring that you couldnít get for this price in ANY retail store. And so unique! Iíve never seen anything like it anywhere else including all of the jewelry design websites and specialty jewelry stores that Iíve been to across the country.

I love that I will be able to wear this ring no matter what I am doing which is another reason I love it. I wanted a ring that I would NEVER have to take off, and this is it. All of the stones are superbly and securely set, and flush with the band so I also donít have to worry about them snagging on anything. I couldnít be happier with this ring!

  2.10 Carat Gwyneth Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring


Customer review from September

I picked out this ring because it matched my wedding set. My husband and I are renewing our wedding vols and we wanted to give rings to each other on that day. When I received the ring it was so beautiful but so much larger than my wedding set combined. I contacted Abit for his professional suggestion. He came up with the best idea. We had him take my wedding set melt the gold into this ring style as an engagment ring. Traded in all my diamonds for the better qulity diamonds except my center original stone and now I have tripled my diamond weight and I still have the sentiment of my wedding rings, I couldnít be happier. Abit and his staff are so kind and really listen to the clients needs. When you ask yourself are these prices for real ? Believe this very satisfied customer YES! You are getting way more than you just paid for. I will recommend Sun Jewelry to all my friends and family and will always bring all my jewelry purchases to them. Thank you again Abit, your the best!!


1.40 Carat Cali2 Diamond Platinum Anniversary Band

Customer review from August

Thank you soo much Abit!!
Adam and Pablo from San Antonio, TX
Purchasing the 2.87 Carat Beau Mens Diamond Wedding Band was a great experience! My partner and I had been looking for a classy, yet ostentatious ring. I found it here on the website. A trip was planned for us to go see the ring in LA. The ring was fantastic!! We placed an order and it was shipped to our house within a week. Abit, his sister, Ferrah, and father were very nice, patient, and helpful. I will continue to recommed SunJewelry to people looking for quality service and remarable merchandise. Thanks again!!

2.87 Carat Beau Mens Diamond Wedding Band

Customer review from July

My fiancee has been hinting this ring for the past couple months so I decided to surprise her with it on a recent trip to Mexico. I have to say that dealing with Sun Jewelry was the best online experience I have delt with. The way their website was set up so that I can choose what I wanted was perfect. I spent several days working it to fit my budget. When I finally received the ring, it was nothing more than spectacular. I was so proud to present the ring to my future bride and she of course LOVED IT! She has received many compliments since we returned from our vacation and I have only the best internet jewelers to thank! Best Regards, Stevie.

2.01 Carat Yvette Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from June

----- Original Message -----
From: sreoshi roy
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2010 4:10 AM
Subject: Thank you :)

Dear Sun Jewelry,

My fiance proposed today and the ring is STUNNING!! I had told my then boyfriend that Sun Jewelry is an amazing company with gorgeous products. For my graduation my dad had ordered a diamond pendant from you guys , so I knew I wouldnt be disappointed with the ring. I viewed every single ring in your site for over 5 months and finally decided on 1.51 Carat Ashanti Diamond 18Kt White Gold Engagement Ring. It was my dream ring, round stone in the middle with a square halo. And my dream came true!! The round brilliant diamond sparkles so much and the intricate hand etched design is absolutely breathtaking!! I love it! :) I will be calling you guys over and over again for all my jewellery needs :) Once again thank you for my dream engagement ring, the customer service and the very prompt delivery :)

1.51 Carat Ashanti Diamond 18Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from May

Our ring was delivered yesterday and all I can say is OMG! It is beyond what I had expected so needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled with it. The diamond is beautiful and very brilliant. I love the side design work as it really makes it look antique like... its just enough without over powering the design. It looks gorgeous on my finger and Iíve already got tons of compliments at work this morning ;-) Thank you so much for making such a beautiful piece at more down to earth prices!
    .93 Carat Lesley Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from April

My fiancee was totally floored when she received this ring. I searched long and hard for the perfect ring and wanted something that was elegant and not over the top. Sheís a simple and elegant gal and I wanted something that would reflect that spirit. We both love the timeless look of this ring. The diamond quality is outstanding and far beyond what I had expected. I have recommended them to my best friend as he was also impressed with the quality. Keep up the good work and you will hear from me again soon.

  1.26 Carat Jenny4 Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from March

Extremely Happy
I can not say enough good things about my experience with Sun Jewelry. For those who have purchased from them before, you know what I mean. My ring set is absolutely stunning! The quality was above what I expect. The design work is beautiful. I also like the fact that I can wear just the wedding band, which is what I do everyday. I would never hesitate to buy from them.
  3.36 Carat Clarrissa2 Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from February

My fianceí wanted an infinity symbol for my engagement ring. He had something drawn out and asked if I could help him find a ring like he had drawn. I searched and searched and found this ring. I sent him the link and BOOM! He wrote me back saying "THATíS IT! Thatís what my drawing looked looks just like what I had in mind!"

So we looked at it, researched Sun Jewelry, altered the ring to our specifications and decided on 18k yellow gold all over and increased the center stone to 1.31 carat and upgraded the diamond quality.

Sun Jewelry contacted us regarding the flaw of the 18k gold on the two rings stating that they would tear each other apart, so then we decided on going with 14k yellow gold instead (we never thought of the fact that we were going to have the two bands soldered together-but hey it was an afterthought). He wanted it for when he arrived in the States on the 11th of February.

Sun Jewelry DEFINITELY came through for us and the the BEAUTIFUL ring arrived on the 10th of February via air from the Hershey PA store. THANK YOU SUN JEWELRY FOR GREAT SERVICE!!!

We had an independent appraisal done and the ring was worth EVERY penny we paid for it. The appraiser looked at it and her first comment was "The center diamond is a very nice quality!" and then she continued with the appraisal. She quoted us the retail price and it was definitely the real deal!
We are so VERY happy with the ring.
Word of caution if you donít like a wide band, then this is not the ring for you. The band itself is much bigger than it looks on the "Hand Visualizer" The band is 1 centimeter in width with the engagement ring and the wedding band.

I however really like a wide band so I was very happy with the width. The band has to be that wide because of the design of the infinity symbol.

We love the ring! We get compliments on it and it just SPARKLES! Even in a dimly room *wink*wink*

Also the prongs that hold the center stone are nice in quality and seem very secure.

We immediately got the ring on my homeowners insurance. If something were to ever happen to it, we would definitely order the ring again...thatís how much we love it!

Again THANK YOU Sun Jewelry! Youíve been so great to work with! Great Service, Great Rings!
  2.32 Carat Infinity2 Diamond 14Kt White Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from January

Sun Jewelry did a fantastic job on my fianceeís ring and we could not be happier. They were recommended by a friend who did business with them before and I can see why they get such great reviews. The great price is only an icing on the cake to their fantastic quality and service. They have certainly gained a lifetime customer with me. Best regards, S.
  1.90 Carat Thera Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Testimonials 2010

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