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Testimonials 2018

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Due to the overwhelming testimonials we receive per month, we are not able to put them all on this page. However, we pick one testimonial per month from a past customer who wants to be in this section. If you wish to contact them, please be considerate as they were kind enough to share their experiences with you.

Customer review from December


Dear Sun Jewelry,


This is our second purchase from your company. We received such great service and quality from the first purchase that it was a no brainer to come back to your website. Weíve looked at other websites and our local jewelry stores but could never find any thing that matched the uniqueness of your design or the price. We bought my husbands ring a couple years back, and now it was my turn to upgrade. He loves his invisible set ring and we just wanted something that matched his ring and this was the perfect design. I love the way it looks, so elegant. The wedding band is so unique and fits it perfectly. Although I canít wear the wedding band by itself, it doesnít really matter as Iíll plan to always wear it as a set. In the future, I think I would like to add another band to the other side. Perhaps and anniversary gift? Hint, hint.. lol. Anyways, Iím sure youíll be hearing from us again for future purchases.


Thank you,

Tara & Jon

   4.82 Carat Cortinal2 Diamond 18Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from November 

From: Donmac88834
Sent: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 6:40 PM
To: Sales@SunJewelry.Com
Subject: Re: order 


Dear Sun Jewelers,


I just wanted to say how much my wife enjoys her new ring, it was beyond our expectations and the picture canít compare to how stunning it is. She has had so many people stop her to look at the ring and complement on how beautiful it is. She really feels like a princess wearing her princess diamond ring, haha! Itís the perfect size for her finger and looks so elegant, we couldnít be more happy with the purchase and with your company. Everything went without a hitch and the price and selection of your inventory is very impressive and really sold us.


Thank you,

Donny and Deb Macan


    2.00 Carat Sydney2 Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from October


This is my fifth piece our family has purchased from your company and we are just as satisfied as the other past pieces. When my son was in the market for an engagement ring, he wanted to go to the local jewelry store. I told him if he wanted to over pay, go ahead! The selection on our local stores paled in comparison to what you have to offer. Along with your prices, there is absolutely no comparison. My son is very glad he took my advice and I believe we have converted another generation of buyers to Sun Jewelry. We will continue to recommend you to our family and friends for the exceptional quality and price.

Stephanie and family

    2.12 Carat Essence Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from September


Dear Sun Jewelry

I am ecstatic about my ring purchase, it was beyond my expectations. The craftsmanship is unbelievable and such a one of a kind piece. Iíve received many compliments on both how beautiful it is, and also how unique it is. Itís really not one of those pieces that you can walk into any jewelry store to purchase and is truly custom. It has not left my finger since the day Iíve received it and such a pleasure to look down at my finger and see it sparkling back! Thank you for your service and providing such unique, affordable pieces.



Sent from my iPhone

   .75 Carat Noma Diamond 18Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from August

From: Shelby Weis
Sent: Monday, August 6, 2018 4:02:21 PM
Subject: Question on custom rings

Iíve had my eye on this ring for years and have read every single of your stellar reviews. When the day finally came for me to upgrade my 10 year old engagement ring, there was only one place I wanted to order my ring from! I can honestly say your company definitely did not disappoint and the reviews of your service was right on. I canít believe how gorgeous it is in person, just sparkles like crazy. Iíve received so many compliments from coworkers and strangers alike. My only regret was waiting so long to have upgraded!





   2.75 Carat Eleanor2 Diamond 14Kt White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from July

Sent: Monday, July 2, 2018 11:18 AM
Subject: Ring Design


Hey Abit! I received the ring yesterday and I'm really impressed with the quality. It looks great! I was afraid it was going to look too small but it's perfect. The diamond is drop dead incredible, so much brilliance. I'm not going to give it to Rebecca till we go on vacation next week, but I showed a buddy of mine the ring and he was very impressed. Especially, since he just bought a ring locally that could not compare to the quality and price Plus his ring is just the run of the mill style that you can see in any store. Mine is very unique and I've never seen it anywhere locally, and I live in a very big city! I'm not sure what I want to do with for the wedding band yet, but when the time comes, I'll give you a call to discuss. 



  .60 Carat Pansy Diamond 18Kt Yellow White Gold Engagement Ring

Customer review from June

From: J Gonzalez
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 7:07 AM
To: Sun Jewelry Sales
Subject: Re: order SunJewelry




I just wanted to take a moment to thank your staff for the excellent service and product. The ring arrived safely last week and is better then expected. To be honest, the picture does it no justice. My wife was amazed at how brilliant and sparkling the diamonds were. She was also concerned about how high the diamonds sits as she was afraid it would snag on things. Happy to say that all those concerns went out the door the moment she slipped the ring on her finger. Its been very comfortable and sheís received tons of compliments. Sheís passed your name on to a few coworkers so hopefully weíve drummed up more business for you.


Juan & Anita

   1.95 Carat Graduating Round Diamond 14Kt White Gold Anniversary Band

Customer review from May

From: Andrew O'Brien
Sent: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 1:36 PM
Subject: Sun Jewelry LA visit


Hello Abit and Staff

We had a fantastic trip to LA and it was a pleasure meeting you and your staff. Michelle and I are still in constant awe at the beauty of her new ring, itís absolutely stunning. The diamond we picked out with you was perfect, so much sparkle and brilliance. You had so many choices it was hard choosing but thank you for your patience, especially with me and my endless questions. The engraver, Iím sorry I forgot his name, did an amazing job. The detailing is exquisite, heís got some mad skills for sure! We really want to get the matching band for you so weíll be in next year during our annual LA trip to get it finalized before the wedding. Again, thanks a bunch and Michelle and I will see you soon!


Andrew O'Brien | Associate Professor

    1.31 Carat Regina Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

Customer review from April

From: Receptionist
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2018 4:00 PM
To: Sales@SunJewelry.Com
Subject: Re: order SunJewelry


 I just wanted to say how much I love my new ring, the .52 caret sapphire and diamond anniversary band.   It's absolutely gorgeous. I've had the Briley 2 wedding set since 2012, still love it and get compliments all the time.  So I started looking for an anniversary ring that would match, and maybe look nice with my Briley set. The pictures don't do it justice.  The diamonds and sapphires are clear and beautiful and gold is substantial.  I wasn't expecting anything this nice for what I paid for it.  But I love your jewelry and you have the best customer service,especially when we were getting my wedding Briley set. And it matches perfectly, the 2 diamonds even match up with the 2 sapphires in my Briley ring. Wow!


Catharine Sauvageot

    .52 Carat Sapphire & Diamond Anniversary Band


Customer review from March

From: Kacie Varlese
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 5:17 PM
Subject: Tanzanite Ring


I love this ring, but I was skeptical at first given the low price and having received other jewelry from other sites that were not as represented. I was really concerned about the tanzanite because they can come in so many different shades. I've seen some that are so pale that they looked terrible. But the tanzanite I received was beautiful. It had a nice color, a little bit more blue which I really liked. The setting though, was another thing that really set it apart. It's very unique but still elegant, I get plenty of compliments on it all the time. I'd definitely come back and buy from this company again. With the price and quality, I don't think you can go wrong.


   1 Carat Trilliant Cut Tanzanite Solitaire

Customer review from February

Bev Stroud
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2018 1:31 PM
Subject: RE: Sun Jewelry


Hi Ferah!

Just got it today and love it! Love the cute box too! I think going up the quarter size was a great idea and it fits perfectly. I've had it on for a couple hours and can't take my eyes off it, it's so sparkly and several co-workers commented on how beautiful it is already. All the stones line up so nicely and you can really tell the quality. That was what made me most nervous as I've seen other invisible set rings that are not set properly. It definitely doesn't feel cheap and has good weight to it. It is really elegant and I'm going to enjoy wearing this everyday. It was a pleasure working with you and Abit!

Beverly Stroud


  2.00 Carat Miligrain Framed Invisible Set Princess Diamond 14Kt Gold Anniversary Band

Customer review from January

----- Original Message -----

From: Kristin Salena
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 11:33 AM
Sun Jewelry
Subject: Re: Flower ring




It was so nice to speak to you again after our last purchase with your company almost 10 years ago! I still love my engagement ring as I did the first moment I opened the box a decade ago! Again, your company has blown me away with the quality of jewelry and can not be any happier adding this amazing piece to my collection. About two years ago my brother bought a piece for his now wife and he was also pleased with his purchase. Thank you for taking such good care of our family and we will seek you out again when we need any more jewelry.





  .73 Carat Miligrain Flower Design Diamond Eternity Style Anniversary Band

Testimonials 2018

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